If you have an MKV file with DTS sound track and you can not read it, this little tutorial is for you, and it can let you convert MKV dts to ac3 for Free.

First step: extract the DTS audio track to convert it

  • Download Mkvmerge 2.9.8
  • Launch the program "mkvextractgui.exe" (it should be in the directory mkvmerge)
  • Click on the button (with three points) to the right of the "input" field to open your mkv (which is actually in DTS)
  • Check the "Content" field of the soundtrack
  • Then click on "extraction", it will extract the mkv in the directory by default

Second step: the conversion

  • Download EAC3toGUI.
  • starts "eac3togui.exe"
  • Right of the "source file" option click on "browse" and will seek your extracted DTS soundtrack.
  • Then click on "convert" and wait for termination of the process.

Third step: Remixing

  • Launch the program "mkvextractgui.exe" and open your file with your original dts soundtrack by clicking on the " add " option.
  • In the field where the tracks appear, uncheck the DTS soundtrack.
  • Re-click on add and will seek your soundtrack in AC3. Then check off.
  • Click on Start Mixing and it should be ok.