Blu-ray or Blu-ray Disc (BD, BRD) is a digital optical disc data storage format. It was designed to supersede the DVD format, in that it is capable of storing high-definition video resolution (1080p).High-definition video may be stored on BD-ROMs with up to 1920×1080 pixel resolution at up to 60 (59.94) fields per second.Officially, progressive scan video can go up to 1920×1080 pixel resolution at 24 frames per second, or up to 59.94 frames per second at are solution of 1280×720 pixels. Many current Blu-ray players and recorders can read and write 1920×1080 video at the full 59.94p and 50p progressive format.

However, there are occasions you want to rip Blu-ray you own to computer for the purpose of editing Blu-ray footage in FCPX/7/6, but you will discover nothing happened when you try to import Blu-ray into FCPX/7/6.

FCPX/7/6 is a timeline-based video editing software, but for videos encrypted in Blu-ray, FCPX/7/6 doesn’t include the software needed to decrypt Blu-ray and extract file out. The obvious solution is to actually rip the Blu-ray to FCPX/7/6 compatible file format. Before we go any further, keep in mind that you have to own the rights yourself of the disc, or obtain the permission from owner.

The current software options for ripping a Blu-ray movie to FCP X/7/6are virtually endless. The most used software for us is U2USoft Blu-ray Ripper. It is a dead-easy to use program for ripping video from your Blu-ray discs. It can convert the resulting videos to other much more manageable formats – ones playable on an iPad, Apple TV, or PS3, Xbox 360. The program even has the advanced options to lets you fine-tune the final look of your movie. A good news is that it has its equivalent version for Mac users – U2USoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac to extract Blu-ray content and backup on your Mac.

Free Download Blu-ray Toolkit Free Download Blu-ray Toolkit for Mac

play blu-ray movies on pc

Ripping the Disc and then copy the Blu-ray into FCPX/7/6 can be asimple process, the following paragraphs discuss the details on rippingand converting Blu-ray to FCPX/7/6.

How to convert Blu-ray to FCP ProRes video via U2USoft Blu-ray Ripper?

Step 1, Click “Load Disc” in top left corner of main window. Navigateto your Blu-ray and load the Blu-ray file you need. After that, itshows you all available features in project field and lets you selectthe title you want.

And if you want to export a continuous single video, it also allow youto combine individual episodes into a complete one by using “merge”option beneath the project area.

Import Blu-ray videos

Step 2, Now, you need to choose the output file format. Open the format window by clicking the “Format” drop down menu. Select “Final Cut Pro” category, then choose “Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)” as output format.There you’ll find all specific video/audio formats in “Common Video”list.

Note in the window, you’ll see a variety of presets categorized indifferent lists. In most cases, you can just focus on them, which will save you a lot of time.

Ripping Blu-ray to FCP

Once you pick your preset or specific format, check the button thatsays “Settings” (near “Profile”), there are a few video and audioencoding settings you can fine tune, depending on your needs. This ismainly designed for power users who have a higher request for resultingvideo, and you can leave it alone.

Step 3, Finally, you should now be ready to run the Blu-ray to FinalCut Pro conversion. Do this by clicking the big “Convert” button on thebottom right of screen, and off you go. Congratulations! When theconversion is finished, you will have successfully converted the Blu-rayto FCPX/7/6 file.

Step 4, Now, import the new created file into your FCPX/7/6 software.