HEIF/HEIC is an image file format which encapsulates HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) encoded images. In comparison to JPG, it reduces the file size by up to 50%. Starting with iOS11/iOS12, HEIC is the new standard format for storing images on Apple’s mobile devices.

PNG or Portable Network Graphic format is a graphic file format that uses lossless compression algorithm to store raster images. It uses 2 stage compression methods. It is frequently used as web site images rather than printing as it supports only the RGB color model. So CMYK color images cannot be saved as PNG image.

Apple has always been known for keeping its technology exclusive to its products. It’s no surprise that its relatively new HEIC and HEIF image formats aren’t compatible with other platforms like Android and Windows. That means you need to change iOS images to PNG or another shareable format before you can open them to non-Apple device. This article shows you two different ways to convert HEIC to PNG with and without special software.

This part of the article focuses on a robust solution to your problem. It’s called U2USoft HEIC Converter, and it is the only tool you will ever need to convert HEIC to PNG format. The software offers the ability to retain and transmit all Exif metadata about the converted images, and you get to control the quality of output. Since PNGs are nearly twice as large as HEIC images, space is something you need to consider when converting them. The HEIC Converter software allows you to set the quality before you start converting.

This HEIC Converter lets you convert images in bulk as well as one at a time. If you have hundreds of shots to be converted, this is the ideal tool. Simply import the images into the software on your PC or Mac, tweak the settings the way you want and hit Convert. Here’s how it’s done:

Download HEIC Video Converter for Windows:

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Download HEIC Converter for Mac:

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Convert HEIC to PNG with professional free converter

Compared with online HEIC converter, HEIC Converter application is safer and more convenient, because it will not leak your personal photos and it supports batch conversion. Compared with Dropbox, U2USoft HEIC Converter is more convenient and not limited by network.

Step 1: Download and install U2USoft HEIC Converter on your Windows or Mac computer. If you want to convert HEIC images on iPhone, iPad or iPod, you need to connect your iOS device with computer.

Step 2: Click the Add HEIC button or directly drag HEIF/HEIC files to the program. For HEIC photos from iOS devices, go to “This PC\Device Name\Internal Storage\DCIM”.

Convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG or PNG on Windows or Mac

Step 3: Your HEIC photos will be loaded and displayed in the interface. Select HEIC files you want to convert to PNG format.

Choose the output format (JPG/JPEG or PNG)

Step 4: Choose PNG as the output format, check “Keep Exif Data” if you want, and set the output path. In addition, this program also support converting HEIC to JPG/JPEG.

Step 5: Finally click the Convert button to convert HEIC to PNG.

convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG or PNG

Step 6: When the conversion is completed, click the “Open folder” button to view your JPG images.

You cannot miss one easiest HEIC to PNG converter. U2USoft HEIC Converter lets you convert HEIC to PNG without hassle. This HEIC Converter should be the most effective tool available on the internet as it is well designed for HEIC conversion. You just need to download and install the software on your Windows or Mac, and simply add HEIC photos that you want to convert to PNG format.