We are now living in a digital world with high-tech products changing rapidly every day. Especially computers, the newest technology, develop much faster than others. Operating system (OS), a vital component in a computer system, plays a great role in managing computer hardware resources and providing common services for computer programs. So users have to update OS to get better operation for their computers and application programs will update to be compatible with Windows 8/10. This article will briefly introduce you Windows 8 and a Blu-ray player compatible with it.

Blu-ray Player for Windows 8

For present, Windows 8 is the most advanced Windows OS succeeding Windows 7. It was first announced in January 2011. During its test phases, Microsoft has released three pre-release versions : Developer Preview (September 13, 2011), Consumer Preview (February 29, 2012), and Release Preview (May 31, 2012). Windows 8 was released to manufacturing, on August 1, 2012, and was released for general availability on October 26, 2012.

Many users get this updated OS as soon as it was released. However, an inevitable problem will come along, that is the compatibility of applications with Windows 8. We all know that application programs require an operating system to function. OS verifies, application program has to update to be compatible with Windows 8. So is there any Blu-ray player compatible with Windows 8 nowadays?

U2USoft Blu-ray Player is a Blu-ray player compatible with Windows 8/10. As the leading app in this field, it features multi-funcions and advanced technology, including multi-language, all media formats supported, especially Blu-ray Disc, SNS sharing, super high audiovisual quality. This program has been updated and tested that it is compatible with Windows 8 and help users play Blu-ray discs on their computers and media devices. How to play Blu-ray on Windows 8 with U2USoft Blu-ray Player software? If there is any problem, you can send an email to support@ufusoft.com.

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