Have you lost your important data from Seagate external storage device? Don’t worry as you will get the best solution to recover and restore the lost data. Seagate drive is perfect for storing large number of data such as important files, movies, videos, audios etc for various uses.  No doubt, the data stored with the Seagate drive can be easily carried, it is safe and secured. But unfortunately, there have been some instances reported in which the data stored in the Seagate external hard drive gets lost or deleted. However, it is possible to recover the lost data by using Free Seagate drive recovery software.

How to perform Seagate file recovery?

The files you think they have been lost due to deleting or formatting are actually still somewhere on your disk. Because the space the files occupy is only marked as “available to reuse” and the files become invisible. With a professional Seagate data recovery, it’s very easy to get them all back. Once encountering this, what you should do at the first time is stopping write new data into your disk, or the lost data would be overwritten.

Now let’s get into how to recover lost files from Seagate external hard drive. First, you need to have a Seagate hard disk data recovery tool. If you don’t have one, here is my recommendation: U2USoft Data Recovery for Seagate or U2USoft Seagate Data Recovery for Mac, which are trustworthy and very professional software. With them, you can recover lost files, including documents, pictures, videos, audio files and more, from Seagate external hard disk in Windows or Mac OS, no sweat. Let’s see it in action below.

Download Data Recovery for Mac:

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Download Data Recovery for Windows:

Buy Data Recovery Download Data Recovery for Windows

Here, let’s try the Mac version of this Seagate HDD data recovery software together.

Step1. Download U2USoft Seagate File Recovery for Mac
Connect your external hard drive to computer through a USB port as you normally do. Then download and install the free trial version of Mac Photo Recovery for Seagate External Hard Drive.

Seagate hard disk data recovery

Step2. Scan Seagate External Hard Drive for Recoverable Files.
Start U2USoft Seagate File Recovery for Mac, you will see list of drives, select the external hard drive, then press “Scan Now”. The File Recovery for LaCie External Hard Drive will start scanning the external hard drive for recoverable photos and videos

Seagate hdd recovery

Step3. Recover Photos and Videos from Seagate External Hard Drive.
After scanning completed, you will see a list of recoverable image and video files. You can preview them and select the files you want to recover, and then click the “Recover” button to get deleted photos and videos back from damaged or formatted LaCie external hard drive.

recover data from Seagate hard disk


1. Before recovering, you can use the “Filter” to search your important file’s name to find it out if there are lots of files scanned out. It can save you much time.

2. When save recovered files, remember to save them on your computer hard drive or another external removable device, but not the Seagate hard drive where you lost your data, for safe considering.