Blu-ray disc provides higher quality and larger storage for media content. Currently, to play back Blu-ray discs directly, people need to buy professional hardware Blu-ray players like Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-ray Disc Player, Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray Disc Player, Samsung BD-F5900 3D Wi-Fi Blu-ray Disc Player, etc. This would cost you a lot of cash on purchasing the hardware Blu-ray disc player. Aother solution to play Blu-ray discs is to make use of Blu-ray disc player software on computer. To play Blu-ray discs on Windows 8 PC or laptop, you need to get 2 things ready: get a Blu-ray drive for your computer and get a Blu-ray disc player software program.

Once your computer gets a Blu-ray disc drive, you could turn to U2USoft Windows Blu-ray Player Software, an all-inclusive media player software to play back Blu-ray disc, audio, common videos and up to 1080P HD videos smoothly on Windows 10/8.1 Blue/8/7/Vista/XP. U2USoft Blu-ray Player is a professional Windows 8 Blu-ray media player software program that could play back all kinds of Blu-ray from various countries and regions. It supports unlimited changes of Blu-ray disc player region codes so as to reach the region-free Blu-ray disc player goal. It delivers 1080P HD frame of video images and supports to play back advanced audios like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc. For better user experience, it provides detailed navigation and full playback control and allows people to adjust subtitles, audio tracks and videos during playback, customize background picture and switch program skins, support multi-languages and multiple screen displays, etc.

Check the below guide to know how to freely play Blu-ray discs on Windows 8 with U2USoft Blu-ray Player software.

Step 1 Download U2USoft Blu-ray Player for Windows 8 PC and install it.

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Step 2 Run the application, and you can see such interface below.

Blu-ray Player for Windows 8

Step 3 Insert the disc, the Player will automatically load the disc information and play the video. You can also click “Open Disc…” to play the disc manually.

If you want to open Blu-ray files from your computer, click “Open File…”, and choose a Blu-ray movie, you can watch it right now.

Step 4 While you are watching a Blu-ray movie, you can adjust the movie’s video and audio effects, and other settings by right-click or the main menus. You can try it yourself. More detailed functions you can refer to our tutorials respectively in the official website.

Just follow the above steps you can get blu-ray play on Windows 8 without any trouble. Download U2USoft Blu-ray Player for your Windows 8 and have a try. You can enjoy the movie in great video and audio effects.