If you encountered DTS HD MA audio in Blu-ray movie problems like can’t extract dts-hd ma audio from Blu-ray, can’t detect or play dts-hd ma sound, language (English or French) in Blu-ray is missed, how can I convert DTS HD MA to ac3 for playing with WDTV, etc, please take easy, it just as easy as pie for Blu-ray DTS HD MA to AC3 Converter (Mac: Blu-ray DTS HD MA to AC3 Converter for Mac).

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DTS HD MA in Blu-ra disc;How to extract/convert DTS HD MA audio from Blu-ray movies?

First please follow me to download Blu-ray DTS HD MA to AC3 Converter (Mac: Blu-ray DTS HD MA to AC3 Converter for Mac), install and launch it.

Import Blu-ray videos

Then just insert Blu-ray movie to Blu-ray disc drive and connect to the computer, click “BD/DVD Rom” in the tool bar of Blu-ray DTS HD MA audio Extractor, after a second, it is loaded.

It is the time to extract DTS HD MA audio from Blu-ray movie now.

Step1: Single-click the main title in the main list, then select audio track (which is dts-hd ma encoded) from “Audio”, so you can get the dts-hd ma audio track with desired language.

Step 2: Select output audio format like AC3 you want to convert.

Then If I only want to extract this DTS HD MA audio track with English language to audio AC3, AAC, MP3, WMA, etc, just select Common Audio “AC3” as output format. But if you also want to keep the video, please select MKV HD as output format

Choose output format

In order to get high video and audio quality without losses, you can do some settings by clicking “Settings”. In this interface, select video resolution 1920*1080, and select “high quality”. In audio part, select “AC3” as audio codec you want, and then keep 5.1 channels. Now the settings were finished, just click “OK” to save it.

Step 3: Specify the converted files location and click “Convert” to start the extraction DTS HD MA audio from Blu-ray to AC3/AAC/MP3, etc .

After conversion or extraction, you can get the audio with the language you want and enjoy it everywhere.

Interesting? Hurry up to extract your DTS HD MA audio from Blu-ray toAC3/AAC/MP3 Now.